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Although there seems to be a renewed emphasis on law and order today, the government has always pursued criminal cases aggressively. Armed with vast financial resources and sweeping investigative powers, state and federal prosecutors have an unfair advantage over those who have been accused of a crime. If you are under investigation or facing criminal charges, it is crucial to have proper legal representation.

The Law Office of Mark J. Sacco is the premier criminal defense law firm serving clients throughout the Albany area and the entire State of New York. With extensive experience defending clients against misdemeanor and felony charges in both state and federal courts, we have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes. While each case is unique, we are dedicated advocates who fight to protect the rights and freedoms of our clients. By thoroughly analyzing all of the facts, and collaborating with a respected network of investigators and forensic experts, we devise legal defense strategies for all types of criminal offenses. As highly skilled trial attorneys, we work diligently to level the playing field against state and federal prosecutors. We are guided by one basic principle: anyone accused of a crime in innocent until proven guilty.

Criminal Defnese Attorney Mark Sacco



White Collar Crimes

These crimes encompass a wide range of offenses committed by individuals, businesses and government employees that are nonviolent but have a financial motive instead. In particular, white collar crimes involve a violation by a person in a position of trust in order to achieve financial gain. What ties these crimes together are elements of deceit and concealment, commonly referred to as fraud.

Federal Criminal Defense

Because the federal government has unlimited financial resources and highly skilled investigators and prosecutors at its disposal, being charged with a federal crime is a serious matter. In addition, federal sentencing guidelines mean that a conviction will likely lead to imprisonment and significant fines. Regardless of the nature of the offense, we have the skills and resources necessary to defend clients against federal criminal charges.


An appeal is a complex process that many criminal trial attorneys are not prepared to undertake. Mark J. Sacco is well versed in the rules of procedure and policy requirements in both the state and federal appellate courts. He also has exceptional legal writing skills that are necessary for preparing appellate briefs and is known for making persuasive oral arguments before appellate judges.

Legal Consulting

All criminal defense attorneys have a duty to protect the freedoms and rights of each client, but some law firms may not have the staff our resources to handle every aspect of a criminal case. We deliver legal consulting services by acting as trial attorneys on complex cases, assisting with discovery and trial preparation, conducting depositions, preparing notices, motions and briefs and assisting with appeals.

What makes us different

At the Law Office of Mark J. Sacco, our practice is focused exclusively on criminal law and defending clients against offenses ranging from driving under the influence and drug possession to violent crimes and fraud. Whether you are facing state or federal charges, we offer a powerful combination of legal knowledge and skill that are essential for designing successful defense strategies. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, we are readily available to handle your case. We will represent you at the arraignment and work to secure your release. Because being arrested and accused of a crime is a frightening experience, we will take the time to fully explain the charges against you and advise you of your rights.

What You Need to Know

By understanding the circumstances of your case and weighing the strength of the evidence against you, our legal team will implement a comprehensive legal strategy. We will keep you fully informed of any developments and provide you with an honest assessment of your chances for success.

We start by collecting evidence and conducting a thorough investigation. This includes obtaining and reviewing the police report which will allow us to quickly assess all the relevant facts and uncover any potential mistakes or inconsistencies. Over our many years of practice we have even seen cases in which the police have made errors, such as by obtaining evidence without a search warrant. At this stage of an investigation, it is also essential to identify and interview all relevant witnesses, discover evidence of your innocence and establish any mitigating factors that will support your case.

client discussing Federal Appeals options
Federal Appeals Attorney
Federal Court Statue

Building a defense

We have considerable experience in all phases of pre-trial investigation and discovery that will allow us to analyze evidence that state and federal prosecutors intend to present. If there are valid legal reasons, we will move to have any evidence thrown out to ensure that you get a fair trial. .

We also leverage our legal writing skills to prepare motions that are a critical factor in every criminal defense case. Unlike many law firms, we are highly nimble trial attorneys who are readily adaptable to changing circumstances. By effectively questioning and cross examining witnesses and presenting evidence of reasonable doubt, we will work to have the case dismissed or to achieve a non-guilty verdict. In the event of a conviction, we will determine if there are grounds for an appeal and continue pleading your case.




Highly Experienced Criminal Defense Team

Criminal defense attorney Mark J. Sacco has a well-earned reputation for integrity, diligence, and fighting to protect the rights of our clients. We are dedicated advocates who believe that anyone accused of a crime deserves a superior legal defense. Although we are committed to prevailing at trial, circumstances may warrant seeking alternative sentencing or arrange for a plea bargain. Because of the serious consequences that a conviction will have for you and your loved ones, we will work to preserve your freedom and your reputation. Our firm routinely handles a wide range of criminal charges including:

  • Computer crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Drug crimes
  • DUI
  • Economic crimes
  • Property crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • White collar crimes/fraud
  • Other criminal matters

Whether you have been accused of a felony or misdemeanor, it takes a highly skilled criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights and your freedom. Regardless of the charges you are facing, you will have confidence knowing that our experienced legal team is in your corner.

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