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The Law Office of Mark J. Sacco has been handling criminal cases for nearly two decades.  It is this experience of standing in front of military, state and federal juries that breeds the success of the firm.  If you are being charged or investigated for criminal offenses, it can be a frightening experience.  This firm was built to take care of people accused of crimes.  We will use our experience and past successes to solve your problem and protect your future.

Our experience and past successes gives us a very clear understanding of what needs to be done to win a criminal case.  Mark J. Sacco has tried numerous cases in military, state and federal courts.  His clients have been acquitted and he has won many times.  It is this experience that breeds success.  It is the experience you will need in criminal defense attorney if you want to win.

The firm handles complex white collar criminal defense, federal criminal defense, appeals and offers trial consultation for complex cases.