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6 Types of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud comes in a variety of forms, any one of which could land you with a criminal charge on your record — even if you didn’t really know what you were doing was really fraudulent. Take a few minutes to read through the most common types of credit card fraud so you can avoid having to talk to a federal criminal defense attorney in the future.

#1 – Credit Card Application Fraud
Credit card application fraud also typically involves some form of identity theft. This type of fraud occurs when you use someone else’s personal information to obtain credit. Whether it’s someone else’s name, address, or social security number, if it’s not yours, it’s fraud. Don’t do it.

#2 – Card Not Present Fraud
This type of fraud involves obtaining the number, expiration date and CVV code from another person’s credit card and using that information to buy things online where you don’t need to have the card present to swipe. Usually, this type of fraud also involves running some sort of scam to get people to give you that information.

#3 – Counterfeit Card Fraud
Counterfeit card fraud can happen by skimming or simply by getting someone’s information and creating a fake card. Skimming involves the creation of an identical copy of the magnetic strip on the back of the card and creating a fake card from that. The other type involves creating a fake card with a nonfunctional magnetic strip or chip and simply convincing the merchant to enter the transaction by hand.

#4 – Electronic or Manual Card Imprint Fraud
Electronic card imprints can be obtained by swiping a valid card through a machine that captures the digital information contained on the magnetic strip and using that to create a new card. Manual card imprints can be made with a pencil and paper and occurs when you place the card under the paper to rub the physical information from it. Either manual or electronic, this information can be used to create fake cards to buy things with.

#5 – Card Interception Fraud
This happens when someone takes a new card from someone else’s mailbox, activates it and uses it on their own. This type of fraud also comes with an additional federal mail theft charge.

#6 – Credit Card Phishing
This is a more sophisticated way of obtaining personal information to open or take over credit card accounts. It occurs when someone emails or telephones others to try and get their personal information. Those who fall for the phishing scheme often find they have new credit card accounts they never opened and a major headache on their hands.

Credit card fraud is a crime and is usually a felony charge. If convicted, you could end up paying serious fines and restitution, as well as spending some time in jail. If you have been charged with credit card fraud, talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Mark J. Sacco today.

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