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Can I be arrested for marijuana brownies?

There are many – – almost countless – – scenarios where people find themselves in need of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Sometimes, the charges are minor misdemeanors and other times serious felonies. But what all scenarios have in common is that the process of being arrested is frightening and attempting to go it alone is never in a suspect’s best interests.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney with a track record of success by your side–ideally before you make any statements to the authorities–will increase the chances of a more favorable outcome.

While there are certainly serious crimes with serious potential consequences–like murder or sophisticated white-collar crimes—so-called “regular folks” often find themselves arrested for actions they didn’t realize were crimes or things they did during a momentary lapse of good judgment.

Marijuana-laced brownies or other food products often get people into trouble.

State laws differ, but the current movement of many states toward legalization of marijuana use under specified circumstances has apparently resulted in mistaken assumptions that its use is somehow more acceptable nationwide even in states where it is prohibited.

Recently, a man was arrested after four young children were reportedly sickened after they and two adults allegedly ate pot brownies. According to detectives, the man admitted “that he baked the marijuana-laced treats for personal use and was unaware that they got mixed up with another batch of benign confections.”

He was reportedly charged with “four counts of misdemeanor child abuse, aggravated misdemeanor possession of marijuana and selling and delivering a controlled substance to a minor under 13 years old”.

Being convicted of a crime can have serious consequences, impacting your job, your freedom, your finances, even custody of your children. Don’t trust your life to a free court-appointed defense attorney who may be overworked and/or inexperienced and without the resources needed to mount the best offense. And don’t try to represent yourself.

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