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How long do I have to sue for a sex crime in New York?

New York sex crime defense attorneys may find themselves with an influx of clients as a result of the recent passage of the Child Victims Act which is expected to be signed into law by Governor Cuomo without delay.

What the Child Victims Act does is increase the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases. The statute of limitations is how long a victim has to take legal action against their alleged abuser before being barred forever from doing so.

Prior to the Act’s passage, child sexual assault victims had to come forward by the age of 23 whether seeking civil damages or criminal prosecution. The Act pushes the statute of limitations in criminal cases from age 23 to age 28. In addition, the time to commence civil litigation with respect to child sexual abuse has been substantially extended from the age of 23 to the age of 55. Importantly, the bill includes “a one-year window during which victims of any age or time limit can come forward to prosecute.”

Obviously, the passage of the Child Victims Act is a victory for those who were in fact sexually abused as children. However, for those wrongly accused, it can make defending the charges and protecting their rights, reputation, finances, and future freedom more challenging. That’s why it’s important to contact a skilled sex crimes defense attorney to protect you as soon as possible if you’ve been accused or expect to be.

Whether or not an alleged sex abuse victim seeks criminal prosecution of their alleged abuser, they may commence a civil lawsuit in an effort to recover monetary damages from the alleged abuser. Those accused in a civil action will need a New York civil litigation attorney to defend them. Even if an alleged abuser was acquitted of criminal charges, they may be found guilty in a civil suit for damages because the burden of proof in a civil suit is easier to meet then the burden in a criminal case.

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