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How do I select a lawyer?

There are many lawyers – but only one is right for your case.  Your lawyer must have experience, trial skills and success.  Choosing the right attorney is a very important decision.  That attorney will be responsible for helping you solve a very serious problem in your life.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you asking yourself that questions, you probably need a lawyer.  Any time you are the target or suspect in any investigation it is always prudent to contact a qualified attorney.

When should I call a lawyer?

It is best to call an attorney for advice as soon as you think you might need one.  Criminal cases move very fast.  The initial stages of a case are the most important.  You should immediately call a lawyer for advice.

Will I look “guilty” if I call a lawyer?

No.  Calling an attorney for advice is your constitutional right.  If a police officer ever says you do not need an attorney, call an attorney.

Can I call an attorney before answering questions or going for an interview?

Yes.  You never need to answer questions without your attorney present.  You should never make a statement without an attorney present.

What happens during a police interview?

You will be asked to waive your Miranda rights and answer questions.  The answers to the questions will be used to make a criminal case against you.

What happens when I get arrested?

After an arrest you will be photographed, fingerprinted and brought before a Judge.  The Judge will ask you to enter a plea to the charges.  The Judge will then release you, remand you to jail or set bail.

How do I pay for bail?

You can contact a bail bondsman or ask your attorney to contact the bondsman.  Bail can also be paid by posting cash with the Court.  In both Federal and State Courts a bail hearing is required.

What happens after being arrested?

The next step in the process is to get as much information about your case as possible.  Your attorney will make a demand to the prosecutor.  The prosecutor is required by law to turn over all evidence against you.

Should I go to trial?

That question can only be answered after investigating all the facts of your case.  With the help of a qualified attorney, you will need to make the decision to have a trial or to negotiate with the prosecutor.

Should I get a second opinion?

There are times when a second opinion is needed to make sure you are making a sound decision.